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Reliable Tractors for Agricultural Use

If you run a farm, you know that tractors are crucial for efficient production. But tractors and their accompanying implements break down. When they do, a rental is your fastest solution.

Rent the correct implements

By itself, a tractor does little. You need special implements.

• Adjustable tiller

• Attachable bush hog

• Groove-digging ripper

• Wide-spread seeder

• Combination chipper-shredder


We deliver heavy duty equipment

When you rent from 808 Equipment Rentals Inc., you won’t have to worry about logistics. We’ll deliver the machine for the job where you need it.

So if you need a tractor quickly to handle a big task on your farm or construction site, call us at 808-823-1000. Or submit your reservation request, and be back on the job in a jiffy.