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Heavy Duty Equipment and Dump Trailers

Think about how you’d have to approach your next big construction job without trailers. You couldn’t bring in big equipment or haul away refuse. Luckily, 808 Equipment Rentals Inc. helps you do both.

Sturdy high capacity Dump Trailers

While you can use a dump trailer for moving heavy equipment, they work best for hauling soil, rock, sand, construction waste, and green refuse after clearing a site. 

• 10 feet long

• Large load capacity (10,000-pound gross vehicle weight)

• No special license required

Heavyweight equipment trailers

We’ll get the machinery you rent to your site, but once there, you may need to move it again. Use our versatile trailers to move cars, tractors, pallets, and construction equipment.

• 20 feet long

• Flatbed model rated to move heavy machinery

Credit payment available to qualified businesses


Need something more basic like a work truck or moving van? 808 Equipment Rentals Inc. still has you covered. Check out our truck rental partner, 808 Truck Rentals.